I suppose I should start by explaining myself.

It all started with the birth of our daughter, the Little One. I wanted a way for out of town family to be able to “check in” on her from time to time. You know, see the latest pics, hear what was going on with her. We started with a blog, changed to a website since my husband was learning how to use new software, switched to a different website since I didn’t know how to use his software, back to a blog specifically dedicated to the Little One and now here I am with a blog called, “Milk in the Closet”.

Why the change?

I’m glad you asked.

The Little One is 18 months now and while I love her dearly, I’m finding that my life cannot and should not revolve just around her. Don’t get me wrong. I love her. L-O-V-E her. Would give any of my major organs for her. Would rearrange my life for her if something was wrong. Would drive 100 miles for whole milk if we were out and she needed it. You get the picture. I love her.

However, she is not my life. Nor should she be. Someday, as an adult, I hope she is able to see her mommy thriving, even though she has grown up and left us. (Tear, sob, sob.)

And so, I find that I have much more to say about life that does not necessarily pertain to my daughter. If you should so choose to keep reading this blog, prepare yourself for random brain pops, provocative discussion, occasional deep thoughts, and, of course, occassional information about the Little One. (Don’t worry, grandparents, you can still check the This and That blog!  That’s where I blog the most about Little One.)

And, like any new blogger, I truly hope you will enter in on the discussion from time to time and leave a comment. It will let me know you are there. (Otherwise, I may just be talking to myself…which would be kind of pointless, though entertaining.)