I’m rather new to this blogging thing. I have only one other blog that I read faithfully, but I am beginning to read one or two others on a more regular basis. I had no idea that blogs existed until a good friend of mine started hers. Apparently, blogs are HUGE these days. On the one blog that I consistently read, my friend has a “blogroll” that lists all of the other blogs that she reads. It has 61 blogs listed! Sixty-one blogs! I don’t know that she reads all 61 blogs every day, but still. That’s a lot of blogs to keep up with.  The scary thing is I’m sure that’s not much compared to some!

What is it that’s so intriguing about blogs? Some center around specific topics, like music or faith, while others are random centering around nothing particular. And while I am extremely excited about starting this blog, it still confounds me that people spend time in their day reading other people’s thoughts.

What do you think?  Why is blogging so appealing?