That’s right. You heard it here. The Little One can count to 10! Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t she amazing? We think so.

Let me explain. While I don’t really work with her on her numbers yet, she does have several toys that recite the numbers one through ten. She plays with these toys (or as she says, “toe-eeees”) all the time.

She counted to four the other day. We thought it was so cute, but were not sure if it was the real deal. But yesterday, I was baking and began counting as I was measuring flour. Little One (LO) was at my feet, as usual. This is what transpired:

Me: One
LO: Two (pronounced, “doooo”)
Me: Two
LO: Three (pronounced, “dreeee”)
Me: Four
LO: Four (pronounced, “oooorrrr”)

You get the picture. We did this all the way to ten and then she walked away to find something better to do. As you can imagine, I was elated and totally lost count of how many cups of flour I had added to the bowl.