How do you teach an 18 month old child about faith?

I have only been a parent for 18 months, but in that short amount of time, it has come to my attention that this job will be the most significant of my life. As it has been said before, I don’t just want to be a good parent who teaches her child to be nice to others and share her toys. I want our Little One to love Jesus passionately, to love others and have compassion for the lost and hurting, and to live each day for the eternal.

Again, how do you teach an 18 month old child about faith?

I realize more than ever that no matter how many worship songs I teach our Little One, no matter how many Bible stories we read together, no matter how great of a church we go to…it will mean nothing if she does not see her parents live the life we preach.

If we desire great faith and compassion for her life, we must live it.

If we desire her to be a lover of Jesus and the lost and hurting, we must live it.

If we desire that she live for the eternal, then we must live it.

I am excited about this new season of life for my family. I pray that God would give me grace to press in to Him so that I can stand before Him someday and know that I lived a true life in front of my children.