I think there should be a few rules during the State of the Union Address.

1.  At the beginning, everyone should be required to say the Pledge of Allegiance.  People who object to the “one nation under God” part, don’t have to say the phrase.  After they’re finished, they should all say it again.  This time in pig-latin.

2.  Republicans and democrats must sit in alternating seats.  No more of this split-down-the-aisle thing.  Independents can sit where they want since they’re independent anyway.

3.  Females should not be allowed to bright yellow.

4.  The president, vice president and speaker should color coordinate since we’re going to have to look at them all night.

5.  The Supreme Court justices should be required to do the wave at least once during the address so we know they’re still awake.

6.  The president should wear one of those baseball hats that holds beverages and has a tube attached so he doesn’t have to stop for a water break.

7.  During the address, either everyone claps or no one claps.  The only exception would be for the “civilians” in the balcony.   They can clap whenever they want.

8.  The people working the cameras should only be allowed to show presidential candidates once since we see enough of them already.

Any more?