silver_trophy.jpgI kid you not, my husband wins something anytime his name is in the hat.  Books, software, bags…once, he even won a tennis racket.  How random is that? 

I never win anything.  N-e-v-e-r. 

Until I entered a giveaway at Mom’s Best Wisdom.  It was part of the massive Bloggy Giveaway hosted by Rocks in my Dryer a few weeks ago.  Out of 223 entries, mine was chosen as the grand prize winner.  No, I did not win a chicken dinner, but I’m sure that would have been nice, too.  I won a Mom’s Survival Kit, including an activity book for children, two cookbooks, and a children’s book.  How exciting!  A big shout out to the good people at Mom’s Best Wisdom.  For those you who are moms with small kids at home, their blog provides activities for the entire week centering around a letter of the week.  It’s a helpful, straightforward resource.

How about you?  Have you ever won anything?