Shaun Groves is inviting people to share their Compassion International stories.  Here is mine.

It started about 30 years ago.  I remember a little girl from Haiti.  Her picture was on our refrigerator.  She stood on a dirt floor and wore a dress which revealed that she only had one leg.  My parents sponsored her for several years. We prayed for her and wrote her letters.  That was my introduction to Compassion International

Now it’s my turn to teach my daughter about this ministry of compassion.  

Rut is 13 years old and from Indonesia.  She writes to us and asks every time that we pray for her to do well in school.  She was recently promoted to a new grade and new campus.  She said she didn’t know anyone at her new school but is making friends.  She also says that she prays for us every day.  

Andrew is 8 years old.  He lives in Kenya with his parents and three brothers and sisters.  He draws us cute pictures and, through an interpreter, tells us that he likes taking care of his goats after school.  His favorite sport is soccer and his favorite story is the birth of Jesus.

Our newest addition is 6 year-old Baraka from Uganda.   He has eight brothers and sisters.  We decided to sponsor him after reading the blogs from the team Compassion International sent to his country.  We haven’t had contact with him yet but are looking forward to getting to know him soon.

We have the pictures of these precious kids on our refrigerator and pray for them daily.  They are a part of our family.  When I think of our 19 month-old daughter laying hands on the pictures and saying their names every morning…it makes me happy.  We have never met these children, but we love them and are honored to be a part of their lives.

One of the things I love about Compassion International is that more than 80% of your donation goes directly to your child.  

Not to a fund.  

To your child.  

To Rut.  

To Andrew.  

To Baraka.   

I have written about this ministry several times now, but I’ll say it again.  One sponsorship with Compassion International can literally alter the future for the life of a child. 

Now it’s your turn.