When our daughter was born 19 months ago, one of the biggest adjustments for me, aside from the fact that we now had a baby, was the issue of time.  It hit me that I could no longer just go out on a whim and stay out for hours.  I have since transitioned in regard to having a child, but time is still somewhat an issue.  Here are my two cents when it comes to redeeming your time.

Date Night
Before our daugher was born, my husband and I didn’t really do “date night” that often.  Now that she is here, we find it so beneficial to get out with just the two of us.  We alternate date nights with another family.  One week, I’ll go over and watch their kids and the next week one of them (the wife) will come over and watch our daughter.  It’s a great exchange.  It’s free.  It’s easy.  The kids are already put to bed, so all the other person has to do is show up.  My friend and I actually enjoy the evenings when it’s our turn to babysit because we get a few hours of personal time ourselves.  We took a break with this over the holidays, but hopefully we’ll start up again soon.  (Hint, hint, Kat.)

Personal Time
When our Little One was first born, I used her nap time to sleep myself.  Let’s face it – I was wiped out.  After a few weeks and months, I began using her nap time to do chores around the house.  I still occassionally do this but not as much.  Now, her nap time is my personal time.  She currently naps for approximately two hours during the day and hallelujah for that.  While I can’t go out during her naps (I don’t think the monitor will get reception all the way from Target), I often use this time for blogging, reading, talking on the phone uninterrupted (imagine that), and just doing whatever.  I have been known to pop in a movie and fall asleep on the couch myself.  I no longer feel guilty for using her nap time this way.  I consider it my one indulgence during this time of life.

I realize that with the addition of more children, some of these ideas will have to change, but this is what I do for now.  I’ll be checking out what everyone else had to say about this topic here

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