yau_man.jpg  NOOOOOOOO!  It can’t be Yau!   

I guess he was a victim of his own intelligence.  If I was on the Favorites tribe, it seems like it would have been helpful just to go ahead and vote off Cirie.  That would have solved everything and saved us the pain of seeing her and Jonathan go at it next week.  I honestly think she did the wrong thing in siding with the couples.  Talk about being last in the pecking order.  Maybe she can’t trust Jonathan, but I don’t think she has a chance of getting past final five with the side she’s on.  And, Jonathan totally shot himself in the foot with his superior communication skills.  I like him a lot, as a player, but he has so much to learn when it comes to human relations.  If Cirie had sided with him, she would have flipped soon enough out of irritation. 

Either way, it seems like it’s way too early for both tribes to be so divided so early.

Oh, my head is spinning!  Where do I start? 

Kate’s son?  Aaron????  I guess that means Claire doesn’t make it off the island.  And why wouldn’t Jack want to see him?  And Jack’s testimony?  Only eight of us survived?  What???

Ben and Miles.  I know who you are and what you can do?  What does that mean?  And I agree with Ben.  Why $3.2 million?  That has to be significant.

I honestly feel so lost I have no idea what else to say.  As always, I end by asking, “What the heck is going on?”  Does anyone else feel this way?  I have a feeling I’ll be writing posts very similar to this every Thursday until this show ends.

Apparently, the title of this episode was, “Eggtown.”  Any ideas why?  I don’t really get it. 

Okay, one more thing.  Here is an interesting tidbit I learned from a Lost fanatic friend of mine.  She said she read on a message board that in the scene where Hurley found Jacob’s cabin, the person that we saw for a split second on the rocking chair was actually Jack’s dad, Dr. Shephard.  Apparently this has been confirmed by the producers of the show.  Crazy!