My friend, Steph S. over at This One Will Be Heard has tagged me for a meme.  So, here it goes!

Seven Weird Things About Me:

1.  I am seriously afraid of sharks even though I live no where near the ocean.
2.  I dislike brushing my teeth.  I only do it because I know I should.
3.  There was a period of time when I would only get out of bed if the clock was on a multiple of five.
4.  I sleep with my fingers tucked in the waist of my pajamas when I sleep on my back.
5.  I rub my feet together if I sleep on my side or stomach.
6.  I don’t like croutons on my salad.  I think they are superfluous.
7.  When I was in Jr. High School, all I listened to was Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Sandi Patty, Van Halen, and the Steve Miller Band.

I still don’t know how I feel about tagging people.  I guess if I was going to tag some people today, I would tag:
Amy (right back at ya’)

If your name is listed above and/or you are reading this and want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged.  If not, then I didn’t tag you and we can still be friends.  Have a great day.