For this week’s installment of Parent’s University, Kat’s topic is Healthy Eating.  I ditto her household rules of leading by example and not having junk food in the house.  We’re working on the latter. 

I worry sometimes that my Little One is not getting a well-balanced diet.  I wouldn’t categorize her as a picky eater, but her tastes shift quickly.  One minute, she’ll eat grapes like they’re going out of style and the next day, she won’t touch them at all.  So, my challenge has been making sure I have a variety of healthy options on hand. 

With that said, here is a list of healthy finger foods for all you health-conscious moms out there with toddlers.  Experienced moms have probably tried all of these, but maybe there will be a few new ones for you to experiment with. 

1.  whole-grain pretzels, crackers, goldfish (yay for goldfish!), muffins, etc.
2.  mini rick cakes
3.  whole wheat mac and cheese (Annie’s brand is great!)
4.  whole-grain couscous
5.  brown rice
6.  cooked pearl barley
7.  whole-grain pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc.
8.  chopped hard-boiled egg (after 12 months)
9.  scrambled egg (after 12 months)
10.  soft dried fruit (apricots, raisins, dates, pineapple, apples) for older toddlers
11.  raw vegetable strips (red, yellow, or green peppers, carrots, zucchini, cucumber, etc.) for older toddlers
12.  steamed vegetables (carrots, sweet potato, zucchini, green beans, asparagus tips)
13.  diced fruit (ripe mango, papaya, apricot, kiwi, melon, peaches, etc.)
14.  sliced grapes
15.  cheese (sticks, cubes, slices or coarsely grated)
16.  whole milk yogurt
17.  diced pieces of tofu
18.  flakes of cooked salmon (check for bones)
19.  turkey meatballs
20.  cooked legumes (black beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc.)
21.  peanut butter and jelly or bananas on bread, crackers, or apple slices
22.  mini “pizzas”
23.  mini quesadillas
24.  turkey cheese tortilla rolls (sliced turkey and slighty melted cheese on a tortilla, rolled up and sliced into pieces)
25.  grilled cheese on wheat bread

Do you have any healthy finger foods to add to the list?