American Idol
  Too cheesy for me!

I know I’m a day late for this show, but I have to make my remarks anyway.  I must admit I am not really that surprised to see David H. go this week.  While I think his vocals were okay, his performances were so cheesy to me.  It seems like he could have been singing for one of the shows at Six Flags.  David A., on the other hand, seemed like such a natural…until this week.  All of a sudden, he seemed very small, very young, and very inexperienced on that big stage.  I still like Carly and Michael.  I thought they were great his week.  Ramiele has an awesome voice but doesn’t seem to really do it for me these days.  Brooke, though, really impressed me!  What a beautiful spirit this one has.  I hope she does well.  And I know lots of people are ga-ga for rocker dude, but I don’t really care for him.  Call me crazy!

If you had to rate the remaining idols, who would be your top 3?

Survivor Micronesia


Bye-bye, Chet.  If you got any skinnier, I don’t think we’d be able to see you.   It was definately time for him to go.  You could tell he was as done as a turkey on Thanksgiving. 

So many other things to talk about… 

I will say that I’m really impressed with how Tracy tried to work the vote, even if it didn’t go her way.  If she could align with the right people, I think she could be really powerful.  And let’s talk about the immunity challenge – James!  Wow!  Carrying the pole?  Come on!  I bet the other tribe was missing Joel right about then.  And what’s-his-face finding the “immunity idol” at Exile Island?  Oh, I was laughing so hard!  I L-O-V-E it when stuff like that happens.  I am willing him to use it at Tribal Council.  Go on…do it!  Do it!!!  And finally, the dismissal of Penner.  I was sad.  What a stinker way to have to leave.  He was one of the most entertaining guys to watch, so I’m really sad to see him go.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that suddenly sparse number of men on Survivor?  Go girls.


sun.jpg  OH!!!  Where to start!

First things first.  The last two minutes of the episode sent me straight to ugly cry!  My hub called it.  He suspected all along that Jin was not rushing off to the hospital to see Sun.  Way to go, Honey.  I, however, did not see that one coming.  I liked the flashback and the flashforward working together.  Totally threw me off.  And Sun, the last of the Oceanic Six, joining Jack, Hurley, Kate, Sayid, and…who did I miss?  Aaron?

Moving on…what in the world is going on at the boat???  We knew Michael had to be the one on the boat.  But Kevin Johnson?  What’s up with that?  I suspect that Ben struck a deal with Michael before he even left the island, but that’s as far as my brain goes.  Where’s Walt?

Does you have any theories?