I recently finished the third book of the Circle trilogy by Ted Dekker called, White. All is well in the world. Both worlds, for those of you who follow me.

Drama. Suspense. Action. Love. Fantasy. Reality. The end of the world.
It’s all here.

 I don’t want to ruin it for those who plan on reading these books, but there are things I am curious about. For those of you who have read the trilogy, here are some questions:

1. How would you have responded to Justin before you realized the truth?
2. Were you satisfied with how things ended for Carlos?
3. Does it make sense to you that Thomas did not die in the both worlds?
4. Would you have dreamed with Thomas’ blood if you were Kara or Monique?
5. If Qurong was Tanis and Rachelle was one of Tanis’ daughters, did Thomas actually end up marrying his sister-in-law?
6. Was there anything in the series that was profound or surprising to you?
7. Were you satisfied with the ending of the trilogy?

I’ll answer my own questions in the comments shortly.  But in the meantime…

let’s talk!