amanda.jpg  Wow!  I’m really surprised! 

She was rough around the edges, but I thought Amanda was entertaining.  The Idol tour lost a great performer.  I thought Amanda always had a good time and showed who she really was out there.  You can tell she knows who she is.  I’m really quite shocked!  Best wishes to her.  I’m sure she’ll be happy singing in the local joints around the country or even in her hometown.

Poor Kristy looked as if she really felt like she should have been the one to go home tonight.  She seems like such a nice girl but is so outranked by these other semi-seasoned performers.  I’m glad someone finally told her to stop sucking on red candies before going on stage.  Did anyone else notice that a few weeks back?  Her tongue was always red!

But the surest shocker of the night was Carly in the bottom three.  Bet that was a wake-up call to her!  Carly has such an amazing voice, but I’m not sure about the “likeability” factor.  Thoughts?