Oh, I’m sorry.  Is the show over?  I fell asleep.

I’m a big AI fan, but come on, people.  That was just boring.  With the exception of a few performances, I could have done wtihout this episode.  While I like their music, of course, I think it was a mistake to do the Beatles two weeks in a row.  Any takers?

I liked:
David A.
– Finally, he’s back.  I thought last week was “horrific,” to quote Simon, so it was nice to see him sing a song that suited him better.  He is my top pick so far.  I think.

Amanda – While her music is not really my style, I must say she is entertaining to watch.  I like it that she doesn’t play the AI game and try to conform to the genre of the week.  She keeps everything real. 

I remember:
David C.
– But only because of the wah-wah thing.  I like it that he sings with authority, like he belongs on that stage.  But he doesn’t have the same appeal as Daughtry to me.

Brooke – But only because of her dress.  I turned to my hub and said, “She reminds me of Big Bird tonight.”  I like Brooke’s voice a lot, but she almost buried herself with her own comments! 

Chikeze – But only because of the harmonica.  What was that?

Michael – If there is anyone I want to do better, it’s Michael.  I want to like him.  Really, I do.  He just … doesn’t … seem … to … get there. 

Who else was left?  I can’t seem to remember their performances.  I usually like Carly, but this week seemed a bit drab.  I think Ramiele has a great voice, but someone please help her choose a good song!  I usually like Jason, but this week he was just plain corny.  Um…that leaves… ummmm…what were their names?  Oh yeah, Kristy and Syesha.  Ho hum, not much to say about them.  I think one of them is going home this week.  Hopefully.

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