The Bad Guy
So, the prevailing question for me is this:  who is the bad guy?  Widmore or Ben? I think there are partial truths to everything we have seen.  Maybe Widmore did stage the wreckage, but I still don’t trust Ben.  Not one little bit!  He is too creepy to be the good guy. 

I don’t know how to feel about Michael, mainly because I’m still trying to sort out what happened to him.  I didn’t quite hear/understand the entire conversation between him and his mom.  Something about him showing up after he supposedly died in a plane crash and then not being able to tell anyone what really happened?  Did anyone catch everything she said?  (No, I don’t have TIVO.)

I like Sayid, but I thought his decision to expose Michael was hasty.  Obviously, he was angry, but he should have learned the whole truth, which I still don’t think we’ve heard.  Since Sayid ratted Michael out to the captian, does he now have to take over and kill everyone on the boat for Ben?  Maybe that’s how he gets into his complicated mess-of-a-life after he’s back on land.

Who do you think was doing the shooting there at the end?  One theory is that it’s the helicopter pilot.  Remember he told Sayid he had to run an “errand”?  Or maybe it’s someone from Ben’s group.  Did you see the way he was looking at Karl’s affection toward Alex when they were admiring Aaron?  Maybe he was afraid Karl would get Alex pregnant and then she would die.  Or maybe she’s already pregnant.  Did you see the way she rubbed her belly?  My initial response was that it was the redhead from the freighter, Charlotte.  But I don’t really have anything substantial to back that up with, just a gut reaction from the moment.  But why Danielle?  That doesn’t make sense to me.  My hub doesn’t think she’s really dead.  Regardless, if Ben is responsible for Karl’s death, I don’t think he’ll be getting a Father’s Day present this year.

The Coffin
One theory is that Michael is the one in the coffin.  No one wants to visit him because he is a traitor to the rest of the survivors.  Jack only goes because his perspective has obviously changed, seeing as how he’s desperate to go back to the island.  But then again, the viewing is in LA.  Why wouldn’t it be in NY?  Hmmm.  We originally thought it was Ben.  Maybe it is and that’s why no one shows up to pay their respects. 

Unlike some, we don’t think Jin is the one in the coffin for several reasons.  One, Sun would have gone to see him at the funeral home and she has too good taste to have a memorial service in a place like that and be buried in such a rustic coffin.  Two, the grave that she visited had the plane crash as the date of death.  We think he’s still alive on the island.

Tidbit Trivia
Here’s something else to rock your Lost world.

Did you catch this?  Apparently, a commercial for the show, The Mole was on the television that Michael was watching.  Coincidence?  There are no coincidences on this show. 

The name of the freighter is Kahana.  “Kahana,” according to a Hawaiian Dictionary, means “cutting, drawing of a line, turning point.” 

Also, I heard that when Sun first found out she was pregnant in season two, the test she used was from Widmore Labs.  Aparently it was on the packaging.  Also, the copiers that Charlie used to sell were made by a Widmore company. 

(Cue creepy Twilight Zone music.)

 As always, check here to see what everyone else thought about this week’s show.  I cannot believe we have to wait until April 24th for the next episode.  What will I do with myself with a free Thursday night?