Hello, my people.  I know you have been long-awaiting my reappearance.  Alas, here I am.  I took longer than I thought to recenter my life and, while I’m not sure I’m truly ready to reenter the blogosphere, I have enough to say to leave a post.  So, if you’re reading today, it’s your lucky day!

While on holiday, as the English say, I have learned that my blog is not really that important.  And for awhile there, I was making it really important.  Lesson learned?  I hope so.

I may or may not keep up this blog.  I originally meant for it to be an outlet just for fun.  But I sort of allowed it to take over my life.  It seems that this issue became more and more of a problem, so the only thing I could do was stop altogether.  We’ll see if I can keep things in perspective this time around.

One of the main lessons I encountered while on hiatus was that I truly want to live for what is eternal, for what really matters.  The question for me still stands:  Does my participation in the blog world really matter?  And if not, why do I still do it?