A few years ago, I ran my first 5K with my good friend, Kat. I finished but feel like I basically dragged behind her the entire way. She graciously said, “You did great! You were still talking there at the end. You probably could have gone a lot further.” I smiled and thought to myself, Yeah, maybe in a car. But after the race, I felt so good about myself and the fact that I really did do it. And then I thought I would keep up my training and do a half marathon someday.

Well. Years later. Haven’t run one step.

And I need to. Bad. Swimsuit season is coming and I’m not sure where I got that extra tire I’ve acquired around my midsection. Perhaps it had something to do with the powdered donuts and Doritos I was eating while watching The Biggest Loser.

Anyway, I digress.

I have a half marathon in mind to run and was looking on iTunes for inspiration. And I found it. It’s a podcast and a website called Two Gomers Run a Half Marathon. It’s basically two regular guys who, last fall, took on the challenge of running a half marathon. Real guys talking about their journey. Real conversation. Witty humor. Funny. Check it out.

Someone ask me next week if I’ve run at all.