I Highly Dislike Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Because they are loud and wake sleeping toddlers.


Our Annual Family Pics

I love you, Charity!

I Love My Family!

Pumpkin Patch 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

How I Vote

I vote based on who represents me the best.  There is no one who can ever truly represent everything I stand for — I guess for that, I would need to run for office myself.  Not going to happen.  But considering my beliefs and convictions, I must vote based on this and not policy or oratory skills or personal preferences.  So, what do I believe are the right responses to current situations?

In regard to the economy, the right response is humility and repentence of greed and discontentment.  I know that I did not personally create the economic crisis we are in, but I do have personal responsibility to be content with the life God has granted me.  Live simply.  Work diligently.  Give generously.  I want to vote for someone who promotes these ideas.

In regard to helping the poor, God has called me and anyone who calls themselves a follower of Christ to heed to the needs of the poor.  It’s not because He loves them more than everyone else.  It’s because their need is greater.  Whether I like it or not, whether it makes me uncomfortable or not, whether I think I have time for this or not, it’s what Christ has called me to.  Therefore, I must respond.  I want to vote for someone who wants to truly look to the needs of the poor, both in material assistance and in equipping people to live fruitful, abundant lives.

In regard to marriage, the Bible says God created man and woman in His image.  His charge was for them to be fruitful (ie. reproduce).  I don’t apologize for my belief that God has created family as the primary display of His love and that family begins with a man and a woman.  I have great compassion in this area for reasons I won’t go into now, but believe me when I say I have walked with people who have struggled with their sexual identities.  And as much as I am for these friends, my conviction is clear.  I want to vote for someone who has these same convictions.

Lastly, in regard to the value of life, it is without hesitation that I believe that from conception to death, God has a purpose for all of us.  On a personal note, I was born, left on the doorsteps of a police station, sent to an orphanage and later adopted.  I do not know the circumstances of my birth mother, but I can only imagine that things were difficult.  Difficult enough for her to leave her newborn baby to the care of strangers.  And there is no doubt in my mind that she had the option to abort me.  But she didn’t.  I am alive because she chose to carry me to term.  Again, I have great compassion on women who find themselves in challenging situations.  But I do not waver in my conviction that life matters.  This, to me, is a non-issue.  I recently had a friend who gave birth to her fifth child at only 27 weeks.  The baby is getting stronger and stronger every day.  He has a beating heart, beautiful little eyes, tiny little hands that hold on to you finger, and he makes cute gurgling baby sounds that melt your heart.  To imagine that someone thinks it’s okay to “terminate” even this life blows my mind.  I cannot wrap my brain around it.  I truly want to understand the other viewpoint, but I do not waver and do not apologize for this conviction.  I want to vote for someone with this same conviction.

So, as a Christian, what is the right response to the issues of this election?  Humility.  Prayer.  Repentence.  Whatever happens in two days will pass in the books of history as just another chapter.  But God’s call to His people, His church, is to live lives that supercede our society.  To live lives that stand for righteousness and godliness, not political correctness and blind tolerance.

Help us, Lord!

No, I’m not dead…

Hello, my people.  I know you have been long-awaiting my reappearance.  Alas, here I am.  I took longer than I thought to recenter my life and, while I’m not sure I’m truly ready to reenter the blogosphere, I have enough to say to leave a post.  So, if you’re reading today, it’s your lucky day!

While on holiday, as the English say, I have learned that my blog is not really that important.  And for awhile there, I was making it really important.  Lesson learned?  I hope so.

I may or may not keep up this blog.  I originally meant for it to be an outlet just for fun.  But I sort of allowed it to take over my life.  It seems that this issue became more and more of a problem, so the only thing I could do was stop altogether.  We’ll see if I can keep things in perspective this time around.

One of the main lessons I encountered while on hiatus was that I truly want to live for what is eternal, for what really matters.  The question for me still stands:  Does my participation in the blog world really matter?  And if not, why do I still do it?

Enough to Bring Me Out of Blogging Hibernation

I would have posted this last night, but I think I’m still in shock.

American Idol.

Carly?  Really???  Not Brooke?  Not Jason?  What in the world is going on???

Don’t get me wrong; I really like Brooke and Jason both.  But their performances were HORRIFIC.  I cringed most of the evening, actually.  Come on, it’s ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER!  You cannot, oh dear, you cannot butcher some of the most amazing songs in all of theater like this!  The saddest thing is that I thought Carly and Syesha were the best of the night.  Upsetting.  What is wrong with America?  Deep breath.

Yes, after weeks of not blogging, it comes down to American Idol to bring me back.  Sad, isn’t it?  I promise I’ll post more later about what has been going on in my life, but I just had to get all of this AI frustration off of my chest.

Fighting Back

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?  Run in such a way as to get the prize.  Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.  Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air.  No, I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.”

1 Corinthians 9:24-27, emphasis added

Last week, I wrote about my struggle to live the life I claim to want to live.  Yesterday, I went to church and listened to a sermon that challenged me.  (I often wonder, does my pastor have a live feed to my house?) My church is starting a new series called, “Spring Training,” and it’s just what I need.  Let’s get back to the basics of the faith.  With this being the first Sunday of the series, the pastor focused on I Corinthians 9:24-27 and the issue of discipline.

These were just a few of the things I wrote in my journal.  (fyi – I sometimes write things to myself during sermons.  Thought I should explain that.  The pastor didn’t quite word things the way I have written them, but you’ll get the idea.)

  • Are you running for the prize?
  • Don’t think you can be undisciplined and achieve all that God has for your life.  You must respond to His initiation.
  • Desire –> Discipline –> Delight
  •  Discipline is positioning yourself before God to receive grace.
  • Grace is not just the love, pleasure, and favor of God for an undeserving people.  It is also the power of God to do the will of God and a safeguard to keep us from losing our life to anything but God.
  • I don’t trust myself to not be deceived.  Therefore, I discipline myself to keep myself in God.
  • Will you respond to God’s initiation?  Are you willing to fight and be proactive or will you continue to live passively?

Discipline.  It’s an area of my life that is lacking and effects everything.  My relationship with the Lord, my marriage, the state of my home, etc. is directly impacted by my discipline or lack thereof.  Recently, it’s been lacking.  And I have felt its effects.  So this week, I’m fighting back.  I want to evaluate specific areas of my life, put myself before God and commit myself to change.  At this point, I’m not exactly sure what this will look like, but that’s a part of the process. 

Since I started blogging a few months ago, I have noticed how little time it seems I have to get things accomplished.  I go to bed later.  My house is a little more cluttered.  I’m not reading as much.  I haven’t spent as much quality time with my husband in the evenings.  I have made some bad choices on how to use my time, and something has to give.  At least for now.  Therefore, as a part of my Fighting Back Week, I’m going to take a break from the blog.  And, more painfully, from Google Reader.  (Yikes!) 

Why am I telling you all this?  One, to keep myself accountable.  I figure if I put this out there for all to see, I’ll be more likely to do what I say I’m going to do.  (Kat, ask me about it!)  And two, so you won’t wonder where I’ve gone and never come back.  Because I know all 20 of you will be asking yourselves, “Hmm, I wonder where MC has gone.  Perhaps she has stopped blogging.  I guess I’ll unsubscribe to her blog and leave forever.  So long, Milk in the Closet!”  Nooooooo!  Come back!  I’m just taking a blog fast to get back on my feet.

I know you’ll be waiting on pins and needles for my return, but fear not, dear friends.  Return I shall.  Have a blessed week.  See you next Monday!